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While you are out on vacation, your dog gets to have a vacation as well! With clean and airy, really large pens (5×10 feet each) and  8×10 pens for extra large dogs, dogs of any size can be comfortable, and what’s more, they get loads of time play in the park and perhaps get to take a swim.

Should you need to go on an extended vacation, or a work assignment that does not let you travel with your pet, we have options for long term boarding as well.

Should you be worried about leaving your pet alone at home while you are away at work, drop him over for a  fun day with us – playing around with other pooches and getting pampered by our loving staff.


Our 7500 sft dog park will help you give your pooch a sense of what it is to be really free – running off leash, chasing balls, socialising with other dogs and basically doing what every dog loves to do.

Physical activity is what a dog enjoys most, and working on agility courses along with our dog trainers and canine behaviorists helps them make the best of it safely.


Our swimming pool is really cool for getting your dog to beat the heat and have a rollicking time. Automated pool filters, along with a chlorination process ensures the quality of the water is at its best not only for the dogs but for humans as well. Should you feel like taking a dip along with your dog, we also have the provision of in-house showers and washrooms.

We also provide hydrotherapy for dogs with bone, muscular and osteo issues in our 10 X 25 ft pool under the supervision of trained personnel.


From puppy obedience training to behavior correction sessions to puppy parenting lessons, our canine behaviorists have you covered.

We have various packages to suit your requirements, from basic obedience on to potty training, house discipline, socializing and much more. Our training methodologies based on positive reinforcement brings our the best in your pet and also ensure that your pet and you not only enjoy training together, but also form an everlasting bond.

We help new dog parents make a choice of suitable breeds that go with their lifestyle, and also conduct behavioral and temperament assessments for puppies in advance of buying or adopting a new pet.


Want your dog looking pretty as a picture and smelling like a rose? Send poochie to our doggy spa and let our professionals work their magic.

From  shampooing to trimming, ear cleaning, aromatherapy massages and many other services our in-house spa has the best grooming care you pooch can get.


When out at a restaurant, don’t you often wish you could take your dog along? Our pet-friendly cafe is just the place to unwind with your pet, have a snack while your pet goes in for a session in the spa, or even work while your dog plays in the park.

We have a menu not just for you but for your dog too! From steaks, to ice cream to doggy friendly cakes, our dog friendly menu is just what your pet will keep wanting to come back for!


Yes, you read it right – camping with dogs! Pitch a tent with us on the weekend, and bring your beloved pooch along. Enjoy a campfire under the stars with lovely food – both for you and your four-legged babies.

You could also celebrate your pet’s birthday, or kid’s birthday party along with your pets at our center. Should you not have a pet, our in-house trained therapy dogs and ponies will also be happy to join your party.


Children have much to learn from animals – like compassion, care and respect for other creatures. Our animal interaction sessions for school-children is the perfect way to get children up close with dogs and horses.

Our in-house dogs and horses are especially trained to work with children, and children can have a fun time doing several interesting activities like feeding the animals, grooming them and playing with them.


Knowing that their pet is safe while they are away, is the greatest concern for a pet parent. While our staff is trained in Canine First Aid, we also have on call vets as well as tie-ups with veterinary hospitals for emergencies. We perform routine safety checks on all pets that are boarded with us several times in a day to ensure all is well.